The mycelia spreads out intricate and wide, often across the whole forest. It knocks on the little tips of a tree’s roots. Can I connect? Yes, a smart tree lets the fungi attach. A web of information for all trees connected to access. Mycelium is to the forest what brain is for the body, or if you will, what internet is to the collective mind.

It happens that one in the middle of the night wakes up in despair because one is convinced that her arm is falling off. The muscle tissue dissolve at a point just beneath one's shoulder. The heavy bone inside the arm pulls the arm down, weighting it from its joint, detaching, veins are snapping. The skin gets all gooey and stretches out, only to finally rip in two. Gravity is keeping the arm limp and still at its spot on the sheets. A puddle of blood grows around its open end. The nerves are the ones still working, telling you all this. Sending sensations back and forth. Tiny tubes connecting the area from the fingertips throughout the arm, across the space between the arm and where it used to sit, into the flesh again and out through the body and up towards the nerve center. Flash and tingle when they spam your mind-brain with electricity. The horrible sensation is waking you up, only to short thereafter realize you have been fooled, and your arm is still there where it is supposed to be.                    When a tree in the forest loses a branch it cries. It will grow back out though, or the wound will heal with new bark. Actually if a whole tree snaps and falls to the ground it can grow back up again. The same cellulose will not magically reform into a new trunk of course but the individual tree can be sort of reborn, the inherent knowledge of the tree can be saved. Its ghost is spread out under the forest grounds.

     The information of the forest, or the mind of the forest, is decentralized. Distributed throughout miles and miles of fungi mycelium. The dreams and memories of an individual tree is kept in the roots of the others. And they do love sharing their ideas and knowledge. Forest guard Peter Wohllben says “A forest is never stronger than its weakest tree” after his caring observation of the forest he governs. He noticed that a hurt or chopped down tree is a big loss for the whole forest, because the surrounding trees immediately put their own needs aside to strengthen the weaker. They send water and nutrition and protection. They doubtlessly offer their help, spreading out their common resources. Until the weak tree is back on its roots again to the other trees great joy. They know that this now strong tree might help them back some tough day.

           Isn't beautiful, isn't obviously simple? Why does this sound so familiar, like I have experienced it in a dream. Or in a fantasy. Or in moments of total clarity. When I believe in the whole, when I believe in karma and when I see every little link between every little unit. Between us, each other and further others.

This is how one should meet people and things. Befriend your enemies. Everything you encounter, try to meet it halfways. This is how we can progress, or at least become anything else then what we already are or were. "For better or worse" does not exist. There is life and movement and it happens only when you take a step towards one another. Be it better, be it worse. It 'is' and is prefered by most over 'isn’t'. When you have a conversation, become your conversation partner and let them become you. The point you will make together will appear above your join heads. When you listen to a song, make the song with your ears, now you will hear the song clearly. And the song will be held by your ears. When you hold an object, put it inside your hand. Not on but under the skin and put your hand inside the object. Attached to your arm is now a hand-object. And from the hand-object grows your arm.

- Excerpts from the thesis To Seriously and Sincerely Believe in Spooky Action at a Distance wich you can read right here